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Editorial Comments now has workflow tutorials for some critical digital imaging processes. The first subjects we have, below, are on sharpening and color management. Al Munson has offered his assistance in producing the section on digital image sharpening and shows not only the hows and whys, but also offers a step-by-step page on sharpening images in both the Digital Domain, Inc. product, Qimage, and Adobe Systems, Inc. product, Photoshop. If you want to write directly to Al, please send email to

Bob Dardon, no stranger to the Qimage message group, has written an excellent workflow tutorial on creating and using templates in Qimage. These allow you to setup your own templates that will enable more than one print of various sizes to be printed on a single sheet. If you use Qimage, this is an important and must read article. Send email to Bob at

Denise Mays' overview and workflow on color management explains this difficult subject and shows you how to use specific techniques to ensure your both your printed images and those displayed on the monitor, are as you originally saw the picture the moment you snapped the shutter. You can write Denise by sending an email to:denise(at)DigitalSauces(dot)com.

Along with this new material, is still the one-stop site to find links that will take you to the world of digital imaging web sites. We're the home of the famous LangaList e-Newsletter. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Image Sharpening Workflow Color Management Primer
Qimage Templates Field Shooting Tools
  • Steve's Digicams – Multi-panel/8-up printing layout. Simple, but it works!
  • Qimage "How To" Series – Episode #2 on basic print layout template design. We recommend this entire video series for some great tips on Qimage template setups.
  • Adorama – The best field/safari camera bags to keep all your gear safe.
  • BetterSafeRadio – Communicating with your team during a shoot or when scouting locations is a must. We use these awesome little two-way radios from BSR. The handheld GMRS MURS radio covers the best bands for both urban and outdoor use.
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