Digital Sauces

DigitalSauces Imaging Training Courses has completed its offerings in the Greater Albany, New York area for the Spring, 2004 session. The two were quite successful and we plan on expanding our curriculum for the fall and winter term. Also, we are currently hard at work designing two new courses and we hope to have them ready for fall, as well.

We are also speaking with potential partners regarding a proposed photography course for children in three age groups: 8 to 10 years; 11 to 14 years; 15 to 18 years. As yet, we don't have a studio for this and cannot commit to any registrations. We have a goal of being able to offer this unique program sometime this summer.

How to Buy a Digital Camera

Thinking of buying a digital camera for yourself or as a gift? Scheduled topics for this seminar are: What's a megapixel and how many do I need?, What software do I need on my computer?, After I take pictures, what do I do next? This is a two-hour seminar

Secrets of Digital Imaging

This is the course that takes you from film to digital imaging in four, easy sessions. Not only do we tell you how to take wonderful digital images, we also explain how to convert those precious family photographs into digital images you can save on your computer and share with your family. As part of this course, we will also tell you the best inexpensive software to catalog all of your images and also the hardware necessary to make superb looking prints. This seminar is either four, two-hour sessions (over four consecutive weeks) or a one day, six to seven hour session.

Secrets of the Digital Darkroom

Using inexpensive software, you can adjust the color, contrast and presence of any digital photograph. This workshop (hands-on computer skills) shows you how to make bad images almost perfect and make good images pop off the page (or monitor!). Scheduled topics include: How to correct under and overexposed digital photographs; Correcting images with poor white balance, Adding sharpness to selected sections or entire images, and How to take out unwanted elements. This is an eight-hour workshop given over four sessions. The prerequisites are prior computer experience and a smile.

Secrets of Digital Retouching and Restoration

Make bad photographs great again! — Learn how to scan in old, faded photographs and, in just a few minutes, remove scratches, replace torn portions, and correct faded colors. This hands-on workshop uses inexpensive software and teaches you how to do some simple tasks that you can use to enhance your family heirloom photographs, where they can look like they were taken yesterday. This is an eight-hour workshop given over four sessions. The prerequisites are prior computer experience and a smile.

Youth Photo Workshops

This course is currently in the planning stages. Our plans are to offer a continuing series of workshops for youths eight to ten years, eleven to fourteen, and fifteen to eighteen years. Planned topics are: lighting, photo journalism, studio portraits, landscape, product photography, color, texture, space and much, much more. We are currently looking for somewhere to hold our sessions. As soon as we have finalized our plans and locations, we'll publish the times, dates and locations here. If you can help us or wish to know more, please contact Denise by email: Click to send email